To get out of the box,
you have to rethink the way you think...

Why are we doing Design Thinking at Viessmann?

We want to empower our customers and our employees and give them the confidence to solve problems in a creative way. We do not only give tools and training on how to tackle challenges creatively but we inspire people to think human-centered.

  • Cultural Workshop
  • Requested Workshop
  • Train the Trainers
  • You have heard about Design Thinking workshops and would like to know more about the methodology? No initial knowledge is needed.
  • Sometimes you get a bit stuck in the process of the initaitive you are working on. If you need to see things with your team from another angle or start from skratch, we're in!
  • Do you want to become a coach? After the training, you will be able to reflect on the tools you used and practice for guiding your own teams through the methodology.
  • What I have learned is, that thinking outside the box brings some great result but also needs to be learned as we were taught a long time to think in a straightforward solution driven way. I will definitively try to use this method for my next project.

    Design-Thinking workshop participant
  • Brilliant workshop, actually one of the best workshops I have attended so far.

    Design-Thinking workshop participant
  • You can learn how to manage situations, how to create solutions in one short time way.

    Design-Thinking workshop participant
  • I really liked your workshop. The atmosphere was kind of family to me.

    Design-Thinking workshop participant
Viessmann Living Space

The Head and the Hands of Innovation


Living Space is a meeting point for Viessmann employees, partners and visitors. It hosts Design Thinking workshops, pre-work talks and evening meetups.

It is a place reflecting our working culture with its innovative approach, collaborative spirit and entrepreneurial mindset. It also serves as a testing platform for our new hardware and software concepts. Furthermore, through its events and gatherings, it reaches out to potential employees.

If you are interested in renting the Living Space, check it out on Spacebase

I like to encourage the employees to get out of their comfort zones!

Design Thinking Coach

It’s all about people.

Design Thinking Coach